Looking for Investors in the UAE?

Looking for the right investor can be a matter of timing and luck but we at BXB try to take luck out of the equation by engaging a professional community.

We want to help you move the process forward by ensuring that all the relevant data is available to the investor so they can determine from the outset whether it is the right investment opportunity for them. 

BXB allows you to take control of your IP by determining the information you want to reveal and to whom you will reveal it to.

AUTOMATED BUSINESS TEASER (60 AED): Teasers can also be automatically created from your listing content and attached to your listing. These can be downloaded, printed and e-mailed which will help your marketing efforts. A professional business brochure is one of the most effective ways to market your business.

FEATURED BUSINESSES (from 75 AED): Get your business noticed by featuring it on our homepage and at the top of relevant search pages.

LISTING SERVICE (1,800 AED): BXB can provide all the marketing materials you need to post your business on the marketplace. The registration, content, teaser and featured service are all processed on your behalf so all you need to do is wait for the enquiries to come in!

PREMIUM SERVICE: We understand how busy business owners can be so we also provide a service to list your business on your behalf and handle all buyer enquiries. You can remain anonymous in the process until a serious buyer is found. Please call us on +971 4 450 4885 for more information.

Please find all our fees on our pricing page.

Find an Investor in 3 Easy Steps:

  • 1


    Create a log-in 

  • 2


    Click on "+ SELL MY BUSINESS" and select the relevant marketplace.

  • 3


    Fill out the Business Listing Form and once approved your listing will go live! 

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