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  • Bakery and Cafe for sale in Dubai

    • Asking Price : 100,000 AED

      Established: 2019

    Jumeirah,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    Newly established business with great prospects. located in the heart of Dubai busy tourist area, provides international baking experience a..

    Type : Business

  • _Established_Tanning_Salon_for_Sale_362021103938

    Established Tanning Salon for Sale

    • Asking Price : 600,000 AED

      Established: 2015

    Jumeirah,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    Established a unique tanning salon in Jumeirah, Dubai. This salon has been running successfully for over 4 years. The only reason for sale ..

    Type : Business

  • Maritime_Leisure_Business_Established_Early_2000_715

    Maritime Leisure Business Established Early 2000

    • Asking Price : 6,000,000 AED

      Established: 2003

    • Annual Turnover: 7,400,000 AED

      Annual Net Profit : 2,000,000 AED

    Jumeirah,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    Well established name in the market operating Yacht charters, Boat Tours, Watersports, Jet ski rental, and more.

    Type : Business

  • Highly_profitable,_official,_stable_business_of_design,_manufacture_and_sale_of_luxury_clothing_for_wealthy_Arab_women_713

    Highly profitable business of Design, Manufacturing and Retail of Luxury Clothing for Sale in Dubai

    • Asking Price : 45,000,000 AED

      Established: 1996

    • Annual Turnover: 23,000,000 AED

      Annual Net Profit : 10,000,000 AED

    Jumeirah,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    A highly profitable, official, stable business is being sold in the safest and most loyal city in the world - Dubai, which does not require ..

    Type : Business

  • Fashion_boutique_in_Box_Park_with_General_Trading_License_737

    Fashion boutique in Box Park with General Trading License

    • Asking Price : 750,000 AED

      Established: 2005

    • Annual Turnover: 1,000,000 AED

    Jumeirah,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    A fashion boutique that sells custom designed Jalabias, Koftan, and Abayas. Operating with a general trading license and located in Box Park..

    Type : Business

  • Car_Wash_Comapny_762

    Car Wash Company for Sale

    • Asking Price : 20,000,000 AED

      Established: 2018

    Jumeirah,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    1- all Nakheel residential properties (11 locations) total number of parking spaces 9696 parking spaces. Current occupancy over 8000 residen..

    Type : Business