Profitable Online Workshops Company for Sale with Impressive Portfolio of Corporate Clients

Profitable Online Workshops Company for Sale with Impressive Portfolio of Corporate Clients

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Business Overview:

This successful corporate workshops company was established 8 years ago and is one of the best known providers of workshops, conferences, and team-building events. The company facilitates workshops for international corporations as well as local companies and governmental entities in Oil & Gas, Aviation, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, FMCG, Education, Retail and other sectors in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
The company offers a large number of workshops online and offline in topics ranging from Strategy Creation, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Coaching, Motivation, Team development and Performance Management to name a few. Some of the workshops are available in both English and Arabic.
The core team of 4 employees and 10+ freelance facilitators and consultants combine decades of experience with a multitude of qualifications. The experienced facilitators are able to produce tangible results for corporate teams which fuels recurring business and referrals.
The company uses a set of tools to turn regular team-building into a transformative experience that improves a team’s performance, shapes strategy and strengthens the team. They carry TetraMap Certification - a globally proven learning model designed to boost productivity, quality of customer service, and sales. Visualisation and the Electronic Audience Response System allow them to attain participant's attention throughout the workshop and enables them to stay in constant communication with the audience. The company utilises unique exercises and techniques to connect co-workers and teach them to collaborate with each other. All this is aligned to the clients brand.
The business demonstrates billiant financial performance that is supported by annual audits. The founder and the owner of the company is not extensively involved in the day-to-day operations and can stay for up to 6 months ensuring a smooth transition for the new owner. The Director has 15 years of experience working with senior executives and management teams. He will remain in the business to ensure future financial performance and continued growth.

Key Products & Services:

*Online and Offline Corporate workshops *Conferences *Teambuilding *Corporate strategy development *Leadership programs *Customer Service

Reasons To Buy:

*Market leader in Online and Offlice Corporate Workshops, Conferences and Strategy consulting *Highly profitable and growing business *Strong reputation and impressive portfolio of corporate customers *Serves international corporations and governments *Offers 54 different types of workshops *TetraMap Certification and other unique tools and methodologies *Management and the team may remain in the business if required to ensure future growth

Key Financials & Data

2,500,000 AED
2,500,000 AED
Free Zone
88,000 AED
The average net profit margin is 33%
4 full time employees and 10+ freelance consultants
Management may remain in the business
Audited Financials available, ROI under 3 years, Debt Free, Open for Investment ...
Owner has plans to semi retire and help his wife in a new business