Profitable Trading Company for Sale in Dubai with High-Demand Products

Profitable Trading Company for Sale in Dubai with High-Demand Products

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Business Overview:

GENERAL TRADING COMPANY, based in Dubai, UAE, owned by European since 2007. We use a lean methodology and data driven approach - so that our Buyer to get the best possible ROI (return on investment); easy to diverse by brands, stores, countries, private labels. Exclusivity agreement can be provided if required. The company’s team works based on rules, can work without top managers. Together with own e-commerce we are dealing with leading e-commerce companies as well. Company is very flexible and can get easy changes due to any situation. We go through to second world financial crisis and keep profitable. As well as any other companies now we do have own online platform. We are cooperating with third companies and having correct products to sell anytime.
Number of brands – 7
Number of products – above 30
Number of stores –above 200 in UAE and GCC
100% foreign ownership for the company is already effective.

Reasons To Buy:

*Our business runs efficiently through highly skills employees. Our team able to work independently on all business process, everyone knows tasks and rules and owners should not be involved in daily routine. Skilled team of employees will remain in the business, **Company is profitable and gives a stable income. Fully audited financial reports are available. We do have very fruitful collaboration with all leading on-line chains and largest su ...

Key Financials & Data

2,500,000 AED
2,725,000 AED
342,000 AED
111,000 AED
Audited Financials available, ROI under 3 years, Debt Free, Relocatable
The owner is relocating to home country