Verified Very Affordable E-Commerce Platform for Sale

Very Affordable E-Commerce Platform for Sale

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Business Overview:

This is a great opportunity to have a platform ready to be deployed that has all the functionalities of a premium e-commerce site including multi-currency, multi-vendor, multi-language and mutli-country capabilities.
It is Magento-based which makes customisation easier and affordable, now and going forward.
Avoid the 6-month delay in building a marketplace and be in business in less than a week!
This golden opportunity allows the owners and/or directors to immediately engage with multiple vendors in various GCC countries and have the same delivered through the integrated courier dashboard. All orders are captured in triplicate (i.e. one for your administration purposes, the vendor concerned as well as the logistics company). The platform allows for multiple categories as well as sub categories. The company that acquires the platform can also offer their own product line/s and distribute the same via its vast network. The marketplace has been designed for both Left to Right as well as Right to Left languages. All standard operating information has already been setup in English and Arabic; namely but not limited to Safety, Delivery, Terms and Conditions, Frequently Asked Questions, Serviced Areas, Non-Serviced Areas and can accomodate Returns and Refunds.
The founders of the company established highly efficient operations to ensure the business runs smoothly. The operations can be controlled and organised remotely with minimal requirement for manpower which makes it a perfect opportunity for busy entrepreneurs. Their third party logistics provider simplifies and optimises storage, packing and inventory management process and allows faster deliveries and easy returns in a cost-effective manner. Accounting, logistics, customer queries, social media (inclusive of WhatsApp) and website management is handled by the internal admin.
Irrespective of the industry, this is a quick win-win. Furthermore, regardless if the company acquiring this asset is B2C, B2B or a combination of B2B and B2C, look no further, this investment is for you!
The shareholders and developers of the website are recognized as brand builders in the region ...

Key Products & Services:

•Ready to be deployed Marketplace; unlimited revenue potential, consistent income, maximize ROI and resale value •Multi-Languages, Multi-Countries, Multi-Currencies, Multi-Vendor including Inventory Management •Last Mile Integration •Bank integration •Minimal Staff and Limited Resources required ...

Reasons To Buy:

Be in business in a week! All the heavy lifting has been done for you! Brand it, link it and upload inventory... it’s that simple!  
Ready to be deployed Marketplace; unlimited revenue potential, consistent income, maximize ROI and resale value. Multi-Languages, Multi-Countries, Multi-Currencies, Multi-Vendor as well as Categories and Sub-Categories. Last Mile Integration with both Serviced and Non-Serviced Areas mentioned for GCC Countrie ...

Key Financials & Data

95,000 AED
5,500 AED
24/ 7/ 365
no current staff (setup by Shareholders)
Full support will be provided. Training videos are available ...
Startup, Debt Free, Open for Investment or Sale, Relocatable
Our business model changed and hence decided not to move forward with the marketplace.