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Plant nursery for rent located in the middle of Ras Al Khaimah on the main road of al Felayya area, the total area for nursery area Approx is 300,000 Sqft and it can be extended in the future. The plant Nursery is fully equipped with the required equipment and connection for the irrigation system detailed as the following: 5,000 m2 Shaded area and 6,000m2 open area contains more than 200 types of plants and trees with the total number of 53,000 plants and trees, in addition, 90 fruit trees. The nursery is supplied by water from two water desalination plant with a production capacity of 70,000 Gallon of water daily fed through 3 water wells. A place for office and space on labors accommodation will be provided to the tenant. The lease contract for the plant nursery can be made one year or more, maintenance for water desalination plant and supply of water to the nursery will be free, rent amount to be negotiated, the value of the stock of plants is approx. 750,000 AED


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