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Selling our play area equipment and furniture from Le Petit Palais Creativity and play zone. The concept takes its visitors on a unique journey through minature French town where they can create, build and explore technology in a unique and safe educational environment through our various creativity stations and fun-filled activities. The ideation stems from the concept of creating a kids edutainment center that provides an ultimate creative, educational and fun experience all under the same roof. The idea is to create an open space activity center with different offerings in each and every corner with the focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun safe environment. Our guests are welcomed in our creativity zone where they get to choose from a wide variety of creative activities that are suitable for all age groups. Situated in abou shopping mall, a complete universe for mother and child, where parents get to enjoy their shopping experience within storytelling sensorial retail journey that is enchanting, and joyful. The concept provides a convenient drop-off for their children where parents can be assured that the time spent by their young ones will be creative and entertaining while they shop around the wide variety of sections within Level kids and through out the entire shopping mall. We provide fun and entertainment for all our visitors of all ages where they enjoy coming for a real hands-on experience while they see their art comes to life in their own hands. They get to take something very special back home and also enjoy all other attractions we’ve got to offer at THE CREATIVE STATIONS
SOAP MAKING CLOUD 7 soap making experience is one of a kind. Guests are allowed to use their utmost creativity to design and create spectacular, functional and customized soap bars with no experience required. Our little guests are allowed to choose from a variety of tools, shapes, colors, soap embeds, toys embeds and scents to create their personalized and custom made soap pieces. This unique activity is perfect for kids of all ages and makes an ideal gift to take back home!
CANDLE MAKING CLOUD 7 Candle making Station takes our guests of all ages to a distinctive experience where they can create their very own customized candles with a choice of a wide variety of colored wax cubes, candle shapes, wax shaped embeds and scents. Our little guests are allowed to choose from a variety of tools, mold shapes, colors, embeds, and scents to create their own patterns, themed and custom made candles and ensure an easy, fun and safe experience. Our specialized dedicated staff will assist our guests for the final finishes of their Candles where they can take it back home on the spot!
CERAMICS PAINTING CLOUD 7 Ceramic Painting Station provides a wide variety of ceramic products for painting. From plates to cups to shaped banks to their favorite figures where they get to paint using a various choice of tools and paints just enough to make something Spectacular ! Our Ceramics are the Quick Air-Dry Ceramics where guests can leave with their precious art pieces on the same day!
CAKE DECORATING CLOUD 7 cake decorating Station makes a super fun kids activity experience for our little guests. Kids get to choose their cake size with their choice of frosting in different colors and they'll be ready for the fun of cake decorating! Our pre-baked shaped cakes are wrapped in white fondant where it serves as a blank canvas for our kids amazing creation. Using a selection of tools, fondant, cutters, spray color, embellishments and more, kids can decorate the cake of their dreams! Get the kids out of the house and plan a play date where someone else cleans up! We have activities for little ones as young as one year old to start flexing the creative muscles, and a comfortable atmosphere for parents to relax and enjoy a group outing.
BUILDING BLOCK ASSEMBLY Our Building Block assembly is simply a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun. Using our fun big blue blocks kids get to create their own play spaces where it inspires children to design their own inventions, environments and play activities. This play space was created with our belief in the importance of creative free play to help our children grow up happy and healthy. our easy light, modular, rectilinear parts are easy to stack, line up where Children enjoy an endless variety of play patterns including construction, pretend play, role-playing and inventing their own games. Most importantly, they are deeply engaged, active and have hours of fun.
SUPER MARKET BEAUTY SALON CREATIVE GARAGE Our Creative Garage inspires our little mechanics to poop the car hood and explore its engine. With removable car tires and other realistic car components, kids can practice testing the car steering wheel, aligning the fuel pipes and much more. The car parts are shaped in a puzzle like shapes, making the experience more exciting and challenging on where to fit in the parts using small sized tools to fit their little greasy hands.
INTERACTIVE DIGITAL LAB Our one of a kind Clay-n-Play experience will transform a real-world craft to life using advanced mixed reality technology. This is a first-of-its-kind activity where kids can see their imaginations come to life through simple touch and play digital kiosk where they can personalize their own hand made clay models into animated digital characters. The activity experience gets extended where children get their characters into play mode and starts exploring their animated characters and environments through a game play.


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