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  • State of the Art Indoor Hydroponic Farm for Sale
State of the Art Indoor Hydroponic Farm for Sale

State of the Art Indoor Hydroponic Farm for Sale

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  • Type :

    Buy Business
  • Business Type:

  • Business Name:

  • Country:

    United Arab Emirates
  • State:

  • Area:

    Other/Not Disclosed
  • Asking Price:

    2,300,000 AED
  • No of Employees:

  • Year Established:

  • Trade Licence:

    Free Zone
  • Total Net Assets:

    800,000 AED
  • Inventory Value:

    15,000 AED
  • Real Estate:

    Leased by the Business
  • Lease Terms Description:

    Lease for renewal September 2021
  • Annual Leasehold Rent:

    110,000 AED
  • Size of Premises (sq ft):

    5,000 sq ft
  • Premise:

    Enclosed growing area, Separate office space, Pantry & toilet
  • Information on staff:

  • Information on transition to New Owner:

    Open to staying on or doing extensive training handover

Business Overview

It is a hydroponic farm located in a central warehouse district, where the highest quality herbs and leafy greens are grown. The growing system uses AI, strict environmental controls and a closed loop watering system to give the plants the ideal environment to grow while using 90% less land and 95% less water than traditional farming and greenhouse methods. This system can grow a huge variety of produce and experiments in growing fruit and other vegetables are ongoing.
Produce can be sold on the same day as harvesting, thereby giving customers the freshest, tastiest greens that will last far longer than imported options. Additionally, there are options to create value added products that bring with them better margins.
Getting in on the ground floor of a young, exciting and hugely popular new industry will give the business a chance to become a household name and establish itself firmly within the region.
Potential buyers can take advantage of the current teams knowledge and preparations in getting this beautiful facility to be a smooth running operation, which would otherwise take over a year to accomplish.

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Any herbs and leafy greens

3000sq ft enclosed growing area with insulated roof and walls to ensure the most consistent temperatures for the plants, and also reducing AC bills.

Growth prospects are massive. Despite the increasing number of local farms, HORECA still imports a vast majority of its produce. The UAE market alone is big enough for many players, and the option of expanding/exporting to other GCC countries is there as well.

This is an opportunity to enter a very young and exciting industry that is growing rapidly. With the UAE agriculture market already worth more than $3bn, despite 80% of food imported, it is set to grow exponentially as it focuses on food security.
To start from scratch will take at least 1 year, excluding the learning curve of the system and bumps in the road one will face in all areas such as farm management, branding, packaging, supplies etc.


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