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  • E-commerce Business for Sale in UAE with Extensive Database of Customers & Suppliers
E-commerce Business for Sale in UAE with Extensive Database of Customers & Suppliers

E-commerce Business for Sale in UAE with Extensive Database of Customers & Suppliers

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    Buy Business
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    United Arab Emirates
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    Ras Al-Khaimah
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    Other/Not Disclosed
  • Asking Price:

    150,000 AED
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    Free Zone
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  • Reason for Sale:

    Leaving the country.

Business Overview

FDX operates across the UAE since January 2017. It has a well-tested, highly effective, custom made e-commerce platform which enables both furniture & décor retailers and private sellers to sell high-quality furniture and home décor to the trade (interior designers, architects, procurement teams for hospitality & commercial projects) and retail customers in the UAE. More than 1200 products from over 100 suppliers are listed on the FDX platform.
FDX has an extensive database of private individuals, real estate agents, interior designers, event organizers and procurement professionals. FDX uses social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email campaigns through newsletters, etc. and Google Ad Words to advertise the items.
FDX's payment platform accepts payments by credit or debit card, electronic fund transfer and cash paid directly at the supplier’s premises.
FDX's inventory management of products is automated, the portal is designed such that its reports get generated instantly.
FDX has exclusive agreements with famous brands/suppliers in Turkey, Italy and Portugal, and can pass on these agreements to a new owner.
THe team at FDX has put great effort and cost over three years into developing and perfecting a highly efficient web portal. The portal can be easily adapted to a different look and feel, a different product spectrum, another country and multiple languages. It does not have to be furniture or home décor, it can be jewelry, cars or whatever you want to sell online.
Entrepreneurs who would like to accelerate their market entry into e-commerce would greatly benefit from building their portal based on our well-tested, highly effective web portal – both front and back end technology, payment gateway, etc. – saving them considerable development time, investment and frustration from having to build such an e-commerce portal from scratch.
The portal could be used as a very good basis for developing the e-commerce platform for an existing brick-and-mortar store or manufacturer that has an inventory of any items and wants to add e-commerce as an additional sales channel. It would be equally suitable for use by an entrepreneur who wants to set up a new online marketplace for other suppliers to list their products on the website and earn commissions on sales. There is no limit to the number of products, brands or suppliers that can be uploaded onto this portal.


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